Theresa May will present in early June a draft law on the exit agreement

"It is imperative to do so" on this date, so that the UK can leave the European Union "before the parliamentary break of the summer" in July, says the British government.

This is the last option before the summer break. The UK government announced Tuesday, May 14, after a meeting with Labor opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, the presentation to Parliament "the week of June 3" a bill on the Brexit agreement. He considers that"it is imperative to do it" on that date, so that the United Kingdom can leave the European Union "before the parliamentary break of the summer", in July.

The British government hopes to prevent British MEPs elected at the European elections on May 23 in Brexit from sitting in the newly formed European Parliament. The first plenary session of the European Parliament is scheduled for 2 July. But if "the (British) Parliament has not adopted an exit agreement, approved by the Queen, by June 30", MPs "Will serve" almost three years after the referendum that decided the UK's exit from the EU.

The exit agreement concluded by Theresa May with Brussels in November has already been rejected three times by British MPs, forcing London to ask twice for a Brexit postponement in Brussels, initially scheduled for March 29 and now set at October 31 at the latest. later. In the face of this impasse, the government and the Labor opposition began negotiations in early April to find a compromise on the future relationship between their country and the EU.

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