Theresa May will soon leave her place


For several days now, the 1922 Committee, which brings together all Conservative MPs who are not members of the government, has been waiting for their leader Theresa May on a firm footing. The loss of 1,300 municipal councilors in the May 2 local by-election and the collapse of the Conservatives in polls had pushed them to the limit.

In a very tense hour and a half, her eighteen representatives failed to force the British prime minister to announce her departure on Thursday. 1922 Committee Chairman Graham Brady nonetheless disclosed that she had agreed to establish the "Timetable for the election of the new leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party (..) after the second vote on the European Union withdrawal law", scheduled for the week of June 3rd.

Refusal of any compromise

If the wording is convoluted, its meaning is hardly any doubt: the leader of the conservative party will soon be replaced, a resignation that could occur before the Brexit is effective. This detail is important since it is unlikely that the vote on the EU withdrawal law, which includes the EU withdrawal agreement but also the replacement of EU legislation by purely British legislation, is coming to an end. more positive for the Prime Minister than previous votes on her EU withdrawal agreement.

"If the Conservatives want to get rid of Theresa May, they have little choice"

Following her repeated failures, Theresa May has been negotiating for two months with the Labor Party to reach a compromise on Brexit in order to obtain the parliamentary majority. Conservatives and Labor do not wish to change the EU withdrawal agreement, which is considered final by the Twenty-Seven, but the political declaration on the future relations of the two partners, which is not legally binding.

Despite the good will displayed by Theresa May, the Conservatives have obviously refused any substantial compromise. Labor calls for the United Kingdom to remain in a customs union with the EU to limit the damage to trade in goods between the two trading partners. "Regarding the customs union (..), the Conservatives have not moved enough at all," Rebecca Long-Bailey, one of the members of Labor's bargaining team, regretted this Thursday.

Boris Johnson, candidate for the succession

The party headed by Jeremy Corbyn also fears that Theresa May's pledges will be rejected by her successor. Founded fears. After categorically denouncing the option of the customs union, several former conservative ministers and illustrious party members recalled in a letter published Tuesday that"No leader can bind his or her successor, so this agreement with Labor would be at best only temporary, at worst illusory".

Among its signatories, the former mayor of London and Foreign Minister Boris Johnson. Thursday, the latter has formalized at a banking forum that "Of course I will be a candidate. I do not think it's a secret for anyone. He is a great favorite to lead the party.

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