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These 10 Used Cars Rp 90 Million, Get Jazz to CR-V

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – For some people who want to own a four-wheeled vehicle, buying a used car is one of the main choices when their limited funds do not reach hundreds of millions.

There are also those who argue that vehicles are assets whose value continues to decline every year, therefore they choose to buy used cars over new cars for economic reasons.

As long as the condition of the car purchased is ready to go without any significant damage, buying a used car is not a problem. Especially if spare parts The car is still abundant in the market and a network of workshops for routine service is also easy to find.

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Dock. Automotive Group Illustration of Nissan Terrano

By fixing the price range according to the funds they have, buyers can choose various types of used cars depending on their needs.

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On this occasion, by setting a benchmark fund of Rp 90 million, the various types of cars available can be said to be quite abundant from various segments, including MPV, SUV, sedan, and so on. city car.

Reported from several online buying and selling sites, Wednesday (28/7/2021), used cars that are priced in this price range have various production years with ready-to-go conditions.

Even though it is called ready to go, prepare additional funds just in case minor repairs are needed. Don’t forget to ask about the tax status.

Try to avoid used cars with dead taxes so you don’t have to pay tax penalties, especially now that not all regions implement whitening policies.

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Illustration of the 2006 Honda CR-V launch

For example for those who are looking for a car hatchback for easy maneuvering on urban streets, there is a 2010 Toyota Yaris alert. Hatchback which is often referred to by the nickname Yaris Bakpao is still the target of many automotive hobbyists.

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding or there are many potholes, an SUV can be a solution. There is a 2006 Honda CR-V and a 2003 Nissan Terrano.

So if you want to propose to an MPV because you want to load a lot of passengers, in this price range, the 2005 petrol-type Kijang Innova is available.

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Illustration of 2005 Kijang Innova with front grille upgrade Illustration of 2005 Kijang Innova with front grille upgrade

Here are 10 used cars selected by the Editors Kompas.com for those who have funds of Rp. 90 million.

  1. Toyota Yaris 1.5 EA/T 2010 price Rp 95 million
  2. Toyota Kijang Innova 2.0 G Gasoline A/T 2005 Rp 91 million
  3. 2011 Nissan Livina 1.5 X-Gear A/T price Rp 95 million
  4. Nissan Serena 2.0 Highway Star A/T 2012 price Rp 95 million
  5. Nissan Terrano 2.4 Spirit S1 M/T 2003 Rp 93 million
  6. 2006 Honda CR-V 2.4 A/T price Rp 98 million
  7. 2008 Honda Jazz 1.5 VTEC A/T price Rp 95 million
  8. 2007 Honda Accord 2.4 VTi-L A/T price Rp 95 million
  9. Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0 JX M/T 2008 price Rp 90 million
  10. Kia Picanto 1.2 A/T 2012 price Rp 93 million


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