These Apps are a Joint Uber Driver pilot


An app called Surge gives Uber drivers the opportunity to monitor their current location or fixed locations for surge. They can get ads when they start, change and end a boom. With this information, they can decide when to go online and accept trips. They can put pins in a map to tell them about the growth in these areas. When they are notified of a flowering, they often turn off all share apps until they enter the area, so they are not called on a non-boom ride.

SherpaShare uses site tracking to record the mileage being driven, and at the end of each journey, the driver shows his purpose as work or hobby. Drivers 58 cents per mile can be deducted from their taxes as a business expense, so it is important to keep track of, and can comply with I.R.S. for tax purposes. TripLog and Everlance are other similar apps on which some drivers rely.

Portal shared drivers use some other categories of apps more than the normal mobile user, according to Lexi Sydow, a senior market insight manager at Annie App's mobile insight and analytics. These include banking apps, parking, gas loyalty and car maintenance. They are also more likely to use apps for jobs like ZipRecruiter.

The drivers themselves are not alone mocking Uber and Lyft. Passengers often call on each app to find out if one trip is cheaper. Google Maps and Apple Maps show some travel sharing options, depending on the location.

The Migo app shows local passenger passenger options as well as bikes, scooters, taxis, public transit and car shares. When Lyft and Uber finished working with him, the company recently moved to smaller and international travel-sharing companies such as RideAustin in Texas and GETT in Israel and Britain.

International markets have a much richer suite of mobility options, said Jeff Warren, Migo founder. It is difficult, however, for travelers to research to find the best local companies that share and then download all app and enter payment information, he said.

Migo aims to solve this problem by integrating access to these services into its application, including the ability to book and pay for the trip. In Paris for example, Migo will have a dozen options for travelers.

The number of new entrants to this area is expected to continue to rise, as it is urgently needed, said Mr Campbell. “Cyclists are looking for options,” he said, “and drivers are looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition.”


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