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These are the 10 best-selling trucks for the blue dollar

It is the segment that grows the most in sales, as well as in values, because it is as functional for day-to-day as it is for work. This come out today

One out of every five vehicles sold in Argentina this year will be pickups; two of them will be part of the podium of the best-selling models in the total market; and five of them are produced in the country.

With these numbers, the segment is close to closing 2021 with a large increase in its market share and, especially, to establish itself as the Substitutes for various vehicles in the passenger and SUV segment because of the obstacles to import they could not reach the country.

What also happened at this time was that the prices I know they increased. While last January, a double cab with 4×2 traction and a medium manual box, had an average price of $ 2,400,000, today all versions with those characteristics exceed $ 4 million, that is, they practically doubled the value. At the blue exchange rate, the rise was an average of $ 5,000

In the case of girls, there were also important increases, going from an average $ 1,900,000 to double: 3,600,000 pesos.

We review the prices of the 10 best sellers of November, their details and how much they will spend if you have the green tickets. Also, if you bought it in January, how much did you earn?

Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux, the best-selling in the country.

The pickup manufactured in Zárate, province of Buenos Aires, it is the most sold in the country. It closed November with 2,500 patents, an increase of 44.6% accumulated in the year, and it will be number two on the podium of the total market, behind Fiat Cronos.

Its position in the market is such that the company increased production to satisfy both the domestic and foreign markets, from which orders are growing. And that is its greatest success, which allows the brand to better regulate its trade balance.

As for prices, to start with a 4×2 double cabin pickup, the basic equipment that is the DX, with a 2.4 TDI engine and 6-speed manual gearbox, you have to pay $ 4,158,000, that is, $ 20,894 at the exchange rate parallel. The same version, last January, was $ 2,529,200, that is, about $ 15,800.

For the most demanding who want the top-of-the-range version, the SRX 2.8 TDI with 6-speed automatic transmission, is priced at 7,480,000 pesos. And shortly the Hilux GR, from the sports division, will be added, which will surely approach 8 million pesos.

Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen Amarok, number two in the segment.

Volkswagen Amarok, number two in the segment.

The truck manufactured at the Pacheco plant, in the province of Buenos Aires, is the second best-selling in the country, and this year it will be number three on the podium in the total market. In November, 1,471 units were sold, with an accumulated increase in 11 months of 44.7 percent.

As for the values, this pickup starts in its most economical double cabin version at $ 4,274,600, that is, $ 21,480, while the top of the range amounts to $ 7,112,300. In case of choosing the full version of the V6, which brings an engine with more power and aesthetic differences, the price is 8,421,700 pesos.

Its position in the market grew rapidly, since it has just over 10 years of life, and with its V6 engine it created a new category of pickups with power that today are replicated by various brands.

Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger, the pickup that will be renewed in 2023.

Ford Ranger, the pickup that will be renewed in 2023.

Number three in sales in the pickup segment is the Ranger, produced at Ford’s historic factory in Pacheco. In November, 1,303 units were sold, and in the year accumulated a rise of 35.9% in sales.

In prices, this model starts in its version XL 2.2L diesel single cabin 4×2 manual at $ 4,085,500, that is, $ 20,500, while the most equipped version reaches 7,338,300 pesos.

Ford also offers the Raptor version of Ranger, which is the sportiest, with an MSRP of 7,790,000 pesos.

Nissan Frontier

Produced in Córdoba, in the factory of its partner Renault, in Santa Isabel, this model was positioned in November as the fourth best-selling in the segment, with 517 units and an accumulated increase of 67 percent in the year. It began to be manufactured in the country in 2018 and was quickly gaining positions in the ranking, being one of the most sold.

In prices, the most economical double cab version with single traction starts at $ 3,996,800, that is, about $ 20,084 at the parallel exchange rate, while the top of the range, the X-Gear Plus with special aesthetic details, It has a price of 7,302,300 pesos.

Renault Alaskan

This model is the newest on the market. Alaskan arrived exactly one year ago, and today is fifth in sales by November estimates, with 510 patented units. Manufactured in the same plant as Frontier, during 2022 they plan to increase production and begin exporting it.

On prices, the Renault midsize truck starts at $ 4,281,000, that is, $ 21,512 at the parallel exchange rate. What’s more, this month it is accompanied by a bonus of up to $ 250,000 and financing of up to $ 1,700,000 with a rate of 8.9% over 18 months.

The top-of-the-range version, for the most demanding who want luxury, is priced at 7,238,700 pesos.

Fiat Strada

Fiat Strada, a successful girl.

Fiat Strada, a successful girl.

With 299 units sold in November and an increase of 57.9% in the year, this model that was renewed in 2020 became one of the preferred small versions in the country. It is produced in Brazil, and one of the problems is supply, since due to obstacles to imports, there is not much income to the country, so sales do not grow any more.

As for prices, the entry-level called Endurance 1.4 8V CPLUS starts at $ 2,307,100, that is, $ 11,583 at the parallel exchange rate. The top of the range has a value of 3,107,500 pesos. In January, the price was $ 1,214,800, or $ 7,590 blue.

Fiat Toro

Fiat Toro, the creator of the intermediate segment.

Fiat Toro, the creator of the intermediate segment.

With 285 units patented in November and a fall of 36.6% in the year (due to obstacles to import), it is one of the models that have grown the most in the market and achieved rapid positioning. Its price starts at $ 3,653,300, that is, $ 18,300, while the top of the range amounts to 5,767,100 pesos.

To have a reference to the price increase, last January there was $ 1,930,800, that is, about $ 12,000 at the blue exchange rate.

Toro is the pioneer in its category, ranked among the smallest and medium-sized trucks. However, from 2022 it will face one of the main rivals, Ford Maverick, a new product that is in pre-sale (for now only by savings plan) and that will come to occupy a place below Ford Ranger and on par of the Fiat model.

Chevrolet S10

Chevrolet S10, redesigned to gain ground.

Chevrolet S10, redesigned to gain ground.

With 206 sales in November and a 31.8% drop in the year, this midsize pickup ranks in the top ten in sales, although fIt is losing place due to the obstacles to import, since it is manufactured in Brazil. Likewise, it continues to be a recognized model in the medium-sized segment due to its long history.

In terms of prices, the value of the range entry starts at $4.221.900 o u$s21.200, while the top of the range amounts to 6,729,900 pesos. The rise in the year followed the same rhythm as the competitors: in January it came out 2,484,000 pesos.

Volkswagen Saveiro

Volkswagen Saveiro, one of the pick ups for the small segment.

Volkswagen Saveiro, one of the pickups for the small segment.

Another of the girls in the market, rival of the Strada, is the Volkswagen Saveiro. This model sold 155 units in November, down 18.9% for the year. It is also imported from Brazil, and that blocks the supply.

As for price, it starts at $ 2,326,200 uu $ 11,500 at the parallel exchange, while the top of the range reaches 3,049,500 pesos. In January the value was $ 1,348,550 or $ 8,700 blue dollars.

Ram 1500

RAM 1500, la full size.

RAM 1500, la full size.

With 73 units sold last month, this model is the leader in the full size segment. Coming from Mexico, it is offered at an official price of US $ 56,600. This translated into pesos is $ 5,943,000, and in blue dollars, it is $ 29,800 at the parallel exchange rate.

Renault Duster Oroch

Renault Duster Oroch, another of the girls.

Renault Duster Oroch, another of the girls.

The podium of the best-selling pickups is completed by Renault Duster Oroch, the girl produced in Brazil that completes the brand’s offer with the new Alaskan. In this case, only 32 units were sold in November, but it is one of the models that suffers the most from the impact of import restrictions, otherwise its sales would be much larger.

As for price, it starts at $ 2,983,500 or $ 14,992, and reaches 3,993,300 pesos.

What’s coming

The pickup segment is key in the Argentine market and its participation will continue to grow alongside the new models. In addition to the best-sellers, Ford is one of the protagonists of the great revolution, with the arrival of the F150 Lariat and Raptor, two excellent full-sizes, which have a waiting list.

This will be joined in March by Maverick, a girl who promises to become a real success. In turn, in 2023 Ranger will be renewed.

Then, news is expected from Amarok, which should also be redesigned shortly, following the announced plan to be made with Ford, of which there was no further news.

Also added this year was Jeep Gladiator, a pickup from the most iconic brand in the 4×4 segment.

With these players, with the advantage of not paying internal tax and having some tax exemptions for being utilitarian, and they pay less patent, the segment promises to continue growing.

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