These are the games you get with PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold in May

Every month, Sony and Microsoft distribute a bunch of games to those who subscribe to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, respectively. May is approaching, and in this connection the companies have revealed what subscribers can pick up during the coming month.

Playstation plus

Wreckfest (PlayStation 5)

Wreckfest. Photo: THQ Nordic

Nearly a decade after the FlatOut creator began work on Wreckfest – and three years after it was first launched – the frenetic car game is ready for the PlayStation 5 launch.

PlayStation Plus subscribers who have managed to get Sony’s latest console will plunge into a world full of gas, broken body and scorched rubber. Here it is a matter of patching up wreckage and plowing through paths with the least, or most, possible crash and bang.

Wreckfest entices with several car types and modes, including online races with up to 24 players.

Battlefield V (PlayStation 4)

Battlefield V. Image: EA

Battlefield V took the shooter series back to World War II, where developer DICE aimed to tell new and unknown stories. The trip went to Norway, among other places, but despite good campaigns and solid shooting, our reviewer was not completely impressed.

– Battlefield V is a game that has the potential to be something really cool because many of the basic mechanisms – like shooting – are so good, but which due to all the shortcomings at the moment are simply not worth picking up if you are still busy crossing no man’s land, wrote Andreas Bjørnbekk.

Stranded Deep (PlayStation 4)

Stranded Deep. Image: Beam Team

The survival game Stranded Deep came to PlayStation 4 in 2020, after a while in early access on PC. After a plane crash, players wake up as a lone survivor in a lifeboat surrounded by sea on all sides.

As in all survival games, the goal is to stay alive as long as possible. You can find various desert islands or dive into the depths in search of supplies, but of course the dangers lurk everywhere.

All three games will be available to subscribers through the PlayStation Store from May 4 to May 31. It’s worth noting that Battlefield V and Stranded Deep can also be played on PlayStation 5, thanks to the console’s backward compatibility feature.

Xbox Live Gold

Armello (Xbox One)

Armello. Bilde: League of Geeks

Armello from 2015 is a digital board game with a focus on storytelling. The king has become ill, and players must navigate a scary game board and catch up with both evil forces and opponents in the hope of saving the day. The game is charming and delicious, but did not quite reach the top of our review.

– Without the social side you usually associate with board games, Armello tends to get boring. The game places great emphasis on strategic thinking and clever play, but when your masterfully executed moves are only met with a short standard remark, it feels a bit as if all the planning was wasted, the verdict was from the undersigned.

Available for free to Xbox Live Gold members from May 1st to May 31st. Find the game in the Xbox Store »

Dungeons 3 (Xbox One)

Dungeons 3. Image: Kalypso Media

Game number two from Xbox is the strategy game Dungeons 3, the latest feature in the series inspired by the classic Dungeon Keeper games.

Here, too, the focus is on exploration and construction down in dark caves. Players gather armies with orcs, zombies and other beasts, and must constantly defend themselves against the arch-enemies who rule on the surface.

Available for free to Xbox Live Gold members from May 16 to June 15. Find the game in the Xbox Store »

Lego Batman (Xbox 360)

Lego Batman. Photo: Warner Bros. Interactive

The first game in the Lego Batman series came out over ten years ago, in the year of the Lord 2008. Here you lean on the traditional Lego formula, with action, puzzles, block collection and a hefty portion of nonsense – and our reviewer was mostly happy with the experience.

– If you have played the previous Lego games, you will hardly be surprised by so much of the content of Lego Batman. The game has exactly the same foundation as the previous titles, but the heroes and environments are of course new. The game is large and inviting for perfectionists, and the collectibles make this well suited for children. Besides, it is very fun that you can share the gaming experience with the younger ones through the collaboration mode. Then it may be that the news is few, the artificial intelligence questionable and the board design uneven, was the verdict from Mikael Harstad Groven at the time.

Available for free to Xbox Live Gold members from May 1st to May 15th. Find the game in the Xbox Store »

Tropico 4 (Xbox 360)

Tropico 4. Image: Kalypso Media

The Tropico series has let players live out dictator’s dreams for exactly 20 years. Tropico 4 – which will be awarded to Xbox Live Gold members next month – also has an anniversary in 2021, as it has been ten years since our own Erik-André Vik Mamen rolled the dice roll seven in his review.

– The game is full of ironic comments, and caricatured personalities, which makes it more fun to be just as good or bad head of state you want. If you appreciate having many opportunities and controlling a society in detail, you should try Tropico 4, however, if you suffer from decision refusal and are annoyed by details, you should rather go for a game that focuses on larger aspects, the conclusion was.

Available for free to Xbox Live Gold members from May 16-31. Find the game in the Xbox Store »


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