These are the most prominent problems that appeared in the iPhone 13

Tell me – Many users of the new “iPhone 13” phone revealed some problems that began to appear in the various phone models that the company introduced at the end of last September.
The new device’s problems varied between manufacturing and some new features in the phone, but many people interested in technical matters assert that they are minor problems that do not affect the phone, stressing that the company promised to issue updates to users to avoid them.

Users explained, according to the “Arab Technical News Portal” that the most prominent problems they faced is the touch screen, pointing out that it does not respond directly in some phones and needs to be repeated more than once, especially in the upper parts of the screen.
There was also a problem with the “iPhone 13 Pro” camera, as the company launched features to help users photograph, but they complained about it because the camera moved to the ultra-wide lens automatically without pressing the phone buttons.
As for the feature of unlocking the phone via the “Apple Watch”, some people were disturbed by the fact that it stopped on some phones, but the company launched an update to solve this problem, in addition to the need for the user to download the new update for WatchOS 8, so that this feature can return to work.
Among the problems that have appeared is a problem with the new feature “ProMotion”, which the company added for the first time to its smartphones, and this problem occurs because some applications work at a rate of 120 Hz to update, but display their transition effects at a rate of 60 frames per second, and transition effects appear. The app is uncomfortable to the eye, because of this difference in refresh rates.

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