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These are the new emoji of 2021: there are only seven

That reports Unicode, the organization that selects and approves new emoji. A total of 217 new emoji will be added to the current range next year. Seven of them are completely new: the heart in flames, the healing heart, the woman with beard and the person with beard, a smiley blowing out, a face in the clouds and a smiley with spinning eyes.

The other 210 new emoji are skin color versions of existing images. The majority are couples with a heart in between and kissing couples. There will soon be many more compositions of this, with men and women with all kinds of skin colors.

New emoji largely postponed

In fact, no new emoji would be added at all by 2021, Unicode said in april. Due to the corona virus, the group had adjusted its schedule.

The new emoji are normally officially recorded annually in March, so that they can be released in new versions of Android and iOS around September.

The new emoji to be added later this year were early this year already revealed.

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