These are the routes to which Frontier will fly for low cost from May

The company made its first flight this Thursday with its route from Miami, Florida, to El Salvador and vice versa. And tomorrow he will make his second flight to that American city, as there will be two weekly departures to that destination. The next flights are scheduled for April 22, 25 and 29.

However, Frontier will expand its routes and flight frequencies starting next month, as explained by the authorities of Cepa (Autonomous Port Executive Commission) during the airline’s inaugural flight on April 15.

Frontier will increase the frequency to 4 weekly flights next month: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, explained Federico Anliker, president of Cepa.

Frontier is a low-cost airline that has 94 Airbus A320 aircraft, with a capacity of 186 seats; it moves around 25 million passengers in the 111 destinations in which it operates.

What routes does the new airline cover and how much do tickets cost?
The airline has 400 flight routes in the United States, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, Canada and as of this week in El Salvador.

The information on the website indicates that, for example, a standard rate ticket to travel on the route from San Salvador to Miami can cost a person $ 89 one way, but if it is a round trip the cost would be $ 132 the ticket.

Among the range of Frontier routes to the United States are others such as: San Salvador to Chicago (Illinois), whose ticket can cost from $ 155 one way. There is a flight scheduled for May 13.

And if you want to travel on the route from San Salvador to Las Vegas (Nevada), the cost starts at $ 371 just the one-way leg. The flight is scheduled for May 13.

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While from San Salvador to Denver (Colorado) the ticket can be around $ 182 one way. Also the departure would be next May 13.

There is also the San Salvador to Baltimore (Maryland) route, whose rate starts at $192 sonly gone. There is a flight scheduled for next May 6.

There is also the one from San Salvador to Orlando (Florida), whose fare starts at $ 100 one way. This route has a flight scheduled for April 25.

For the route from San Salvador to Atlanta (Georgia) the cost goes dSDE $202 for the section of outbound and there is a flight scheduled this April 29.

But if travelers have a membership offered by the airline, they can save a little more because they discount fares.

Frontier is the third low-cost airline to operate in the country, as there is also Spirit and Volaris.

The president of Cepa stressed that with the arrival of Frontier, 11 commercial passenger airlines will be operating at the El Salvador International Airport and reported that from January to date, more than 400,000 passengers have been mobilized on at least 7,000 commercial flights.

He also mentioned that the expansion works of the passenger terminal are already 93% complete.


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