these “inconveniences” which disturbed her during the filming in Paris

This October 16, Lily Collins confided in the inconvenience that made the filming of the series broadcast on Netflix, Emily in Paris, painful. Obviously, Parisian life has only half left him …

This is THE back-to-school series. Broadcast on Netflix, Emily in Paris pleases as much as it upsets. Created by Darren Star, at the origin of Sex and the city, the series tells about the arrival of a young American in Paris. Confronted with differences in lifestyle and culture, she tries to find a place for herself in the perfume industry, but also to resist the various advances of the men who surround her as her neighbor or her boss. If the series provides entertainment, it is very criticized as to the many clichés that populate it. Indeed, very quickly French viewers could not help but note quantity of shortcuts and other clichés on life in France, and especially in the capital. Yet according to Lily Collins, headliner of the series, it would be based on facts. The creator Darren Star, accompanied by his team of writers, wrote the majority of the episodes while living in Paris. This is the reason why I think there is a lot of lived experience in this series. These are their experiences or things they heard from their friends in Paris. I was born in England and I was able to go to Paris regularly; I had the same experiences as my character Emily“, she described in an interview with TV-Leisure.

“Hot water does not reach the pipes”

For her, the experience of her character is close to hers. The actress had to spend several months in Paris for the purposes of filming. “Like her, I am extremely curious about life and people in general. Like Emily, I also believe I am an adventurer and a kind of go-getter who does not accept being told no! For the purposes of filming, I was able to spend four months in Paris and I have the impression of having lived like Emily! (she laughs). At a certain point, thanks to this series, I felt Parisian and that is the reason why I hope to return quickly to this wonderful city which is undoubtedly the most beautiful in the world.“.

But the actress who grew up in Los Angeles has found it difficult to live in the French capital during filming. I have known certain inconveniences of Parisian life. The hot water that does not arrive in the pipes, the pipes that clack clack, the non-existent air conditioning, the times I messed up on the floor because I did not understand the concept of the ground floor … “, she detailed in the magazine Public this October 16, visibly marked by the discomfort of life in the City of Lights …

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