These reasons which prevent women from using the bicycle in Brussels

At the request of Bruxelles Mobilité, ProVelo carried out a study entitled “Women and the bicycle in the streets of Brussels” and was able to determine exactly what prevents women from using the bicycle. Three main reasons are put forward: household and family chores, insecurity and lack of comfort. Within the family, it is always women who take on most of the tasks, such as transporting children or shopping. These trips with frequent stops seem discouraging. Only 5% of bicycle trips have several stops and transporting children is cited by 23% of female cyclists surveyed as a discouraging factor.

The study also shows that women have developed an increased perception of the risks and potential dangers of cycling in urban areas. Non-cycling women cite insecurity (54%) and lack of comfort (47%) as important reasons. Finally, some women also find it difficult to reconcile cycling with wearing a skirt or the sweating that comes with cycling.

Next spring, a major awareness campaign will be launched for the target group of women in the Brussels Region. With Pro Velo, specific training is already offered to support women who start cycling.

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