they came from Romania to rob the Michel jewelry store

We remember the ram attack committed against the Michel jewelry store, on the Place Verte in Charleroi. It was February 17, 2020. That night, around 4 am, an Audi A6 station wagon smashes through the armored storefront of the jewelry store.

Four men rush inside. They smash the windows with hammers and seize a large booty consisting of watches and jewelry … The operation seems well prepared. Despite this beautiful organization, we will find a bloodied hammer in the jewelry store …

> DNA incriminates Lucian T., who is arrested in Romania. He confesses: “I was in financial despair …”

> He had various contacts with one of his compatriots, who was in Belgium at the time of the breakage, a certain Ciprian.

> What are these two at risk? More information on La Nouvelle Gazette.


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