They claim that Konami is not preparing one, but several remakes of Metal Gear Solid

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The good news surrounding Konami’s beloved franchises has arrived unofficially in recent months, but it has been enough to get fans excited. Most striking is the possible return of Silent Hill, but the return of Metal Gear Solid and new clues seem to indicate that the comeback will be in a big way.

As we have told you, multiple sources have mentioned that Konami would be planning the return of Metal Gear Solid With Silent Hill. The last one apparently will do it with new titles, but clues suggest that Metal Gear Solid it will do so with several remakes.

Yes, you read that right, Konami would be preparing to release not one, but several remakes of Metal Gear SolidAccording to the informant KatharsisT, who did not give much information about it, other than that at least one of them would be in charge of Bluepoint Games.

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Konami would be licensing the franchise Metal Gear

The news about this Konami series does not end there, since in a recent podcast by youtuber MrMattyPlays, which has almost 500,000 subscribers, Jeremy Penter, better known as Karak, ACG Gaming, shared interesting information that was revealed to him thanks to a very reliable source, which has accurately leaked details of Far Cry Primal, Deathloop, Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2, Dragon’s Dogma 2 and more. For all the above, Peter decided to share this data, according to GamingBolt.

The informant mentions that Konami would be licensing the IP Metal Gear Solid, which means that it will retain the rights to the new and hypothetical remake, but apparently the development will be the responsibility of an external study.

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On 2 occasions we had informed you of a possible remake of Metal Gear Sollid. The first to speak about it was RedGamingTech, after one of its best sources confessed this information. Later, Moore’s Law is Dead, among many other things, revealed that Bluepoint Games would have started work on the remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 years ago.

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Are you a fan of Castlevania? Well, the future doesn’t look so promising for this series, as KatharsisT revealed that there were talks to bring back. Castlevania, but there was no more on the matter, so it is not known if the plans were successful or did not proceed.

Of course, we remind you that, although this informant has leaked very important announcements in the past (and several sources claim something similar), so far there is no confirmation of new games of Silent Hill ni Metal Gear Solid by Konami, so we invite you to take this with reservation.

Also, we remind you that there is a movie of Metal Gear Solid plans and this could be the excellent opportunity to launch a remake or new games in the series.

What do you think of this new information? Do you think Konami prepares the return of Metal Gear Solid? Tell us in the comments.

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