They collect 4,000 signatures to demand a reduction of the IBI and that Elda does not lower of 50,000 inhabitants

«Elda is at risk of losing 50,000 inhabitants». The warning voice comes from the Eldense Movement, the candidacy that brings together several centrist political formations that come to the elections with the endorsement of having collected 4,000 signatures to claim a reduction of the Real Property Tax (IBI).

But after presenting these accessions «What has the mayor done? Neither has deigned to answer and has intoxicated public opinion, "according to the Eldense Movement in its presentation to the electorate.

Regardless of opinions on the responsibility of the socialist Rubén Alfaro, who in addition to carrying the stick of local command is the president of the Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FVMP), the demographic data of this reference municipality for the lady's footwear industry They seem to agree with centrists.

In fact, the city has lost more than 2,000 inhabitants in the last six years, from 54,536 registered in 2012 to 52,404 last year, far from the 57,515 that came to have in 1990.

«Trust charges»
If this negative progression continues, Elda could descend from that barrier of 50,000 inhabitants in little more than one legislature, "something that would have disastrous consequences for our future," abound from the Eldense Movement. «What does our political class do in an emergency situation? Shield your privileges with the largest number of councilors released
 and positions of trust
of history », they criticize.

With this story, they appeal to "break with those parties" and ask for the vote for their "centrist, ecologist and municipalist" confluence composed of the Coalition of the Democratic Center (CCD), Elda se Mueve (ESM) and the Greens Ecopacifistas.

"Through the Elda Platform for a fair IBI, for four years we have struggled from outside the institutions so that the City Council lowers the disproportionate contribution we pay in Elda and places it in the average of the rest of the towns in the province," they recall. from the coalition led by exconcejal César González. . (tagsToTranslate) collect (t) cuatromil (t) signatures (t) to (t) download

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