They crashed into a wall at full speed: two dead – News story

Two people died, in the first minutes of this Monday, when the vehicle they were driving crashed into the entrance wall of the private neighborhood Claros del Bosque in the city of Córdoba.

The incident occurred in Celso Barrios street at 3600, for reasons that are still being investigated. It is unknown if there is another vehicle involved in the incident.

According to the first information, the Renault Clio was circulating at full speed and hit first against a tree and finally against the wall.

As a result, both occupants died on the spot.

The first to come to the scene were the neighborhood guard and a policeman who called the emergency services. The doctors there verified the deaths.

The driver of the vehicle was identified by the Police as Rubén Maximiliano Agüero, 36 years old.

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Police reported that a beer bottle covered by a light blue thermos flask was seized inside the vehicle.

Report by Fernando Barrionuevo.


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