They criticize in social networks that Canal Once workers already receive the vaccine against Covid-19

The news given by the director of Canal Once, Carlos Brito, about which staff of that television station National Polytechnic Institute began receiving the Covid-19 vaccine since yesterday, it generated annoyance and criticism on social networks, as people questioned whether channel personnel have been vaccinated when many seniors and medical personnel have yet to receive the vaccine, both public and private, from all over the country.

“This Tuesday the vaccination of @CanalOnceTV personnel began (date determined in alphabetical order). They told us that the process was agile; They were received at @IPN_MX Zacatenco with everything and mariachi. 200+ people from the Eleven were vaccinated today, ”Carlos Brito wrote on his official Twitter account yesterday, and he accompanied his message with images of the health conference at the IPN.

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Today, Wednesday, the tweet became a Trending Topic and received severe criticism. Daniel García Montes replied: “@ carlosbrito95_ How do you justify this vaccine to the employees of channel 11? Are they teachers in front of the group? Health workers? Are they all over 50? I do not understand.”

For his part, the user Servando, wrote in the same social network: “Are they already vaccinating in all states? The problem here is that they have not vaccinated all the doctors and workers of a television channel, yes. ”; while the user Yolanda said: “And why to the Channel 11 band? What range of risky work do they fall into? “

Erick, also added to the questions, wrote: “What privileges does a Palero television channel enjoy and applaud the #InutilDelPalacio ??? While many are waiting for a second dose, doctors from the private sector without a single vaccine, what a shame to presume that they skipped the waiting line ”.

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Edith Romero also pointed out “People in the health sector without vaccines yet, but channel 11 already vaccinated. He would have seen so much impudence ”.

Even though they have given him a direct answer, until now Carlos Brito, director of Channel Once, has not issued any response or uploaded new images of the vaccination day that continues today in Zacatenco.

Felipe Calderón, the controversy enters

The former president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon questioned the decision to vaccinate Canal Once personnel. On Twitter, he questioned Carlos Brito: “Why them before the doctors and nurses in the private sector? Why them before the millions of Mexicans who suffer from chronic diseases or are immunovulnerable?”

The Secretary of Educational Services of the IPN made public yesterday morning, through its social networks, a statement informing the staff of the entire Institute that from yesterday until May 22, the vaccination day will be held for all workers, including “honorary personnel, services cleaning, gardening, surveillance and security, as well as personnel from COFAA, Channel Once and the POI “and reiterates that” No one will be left without being vaccinated “, since those who are not on the registry will have a new date to do so.



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