Friday, 14 Dec 2018

They filmed her leaving four dogs, she did not care and fled

Fortunately, hours later he turned himself in to the police and confessed he had done it

Despite the dozens of awareness campaigns regarding the protection of animals, there are still people without hearts who leave their own in the street. Routes, highways, stations and other places are scenes of these cruel acts that, in general, lead the animal to death.

Recently, the project Animal Care Services of San Antonio, in the United States, reported that a woman had abandoned four dogs in a dead end street just outside the city. The complaint was accompanied by the video that recorded the exact moment in which the woman lowers the animals of her car, accelerates and flees the place.

The person who registered the moment tells you that if you do not want to take care of your pets, leave them in a shelter for animals. And although at first he asks for the address of some center, he continues to remove the dogs of the car.

“I work with the Animal Service of San Antonio. I’m tired of picking up pets that people leave on the street. In the end I dedicate more time to that than to my own children ” , told the woman who filmed.

Before the complaint, the authorities went to the place and found only three of the four dogs . Fortunately, a few hours later, the woman gave herself up and confessed what she had done.

UPDATE: ACS is working on the investigation and investigators have identified suspect. Thank you everyone for your …

published by City of San Antonio Animal Care Services in Friday, April 13, 2018

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