They find a treasure in video games in a house that had been closed for 20 years

Image: Cheap Finds Gold Mines

As if it were a video game of Tomb Raider but without the picturesque views of an ancient civilization in the background, a couple of YouTubers themselves found in a room which had been locked for almost 20 years. But amid all that dirt, they found a real treasure in the form of video games, many of them still sealed. Among them were titles of all kinds, from hits like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker even rarities like limited edition of Resident Evil 4 It came with its own chainsaw remote.

Aimee and Korbin, who prefer not to share their last names, are the duo behind the YouTube channel Cheap Finds Gold Mines, in which they generally show off their skills in reselling second-hand things. Admittedly, in this case they were warned that the house they were going to was “a bit unpleasant”, but the couple did not even imagine what they were going to find. there. Exploring in the purest Nathan Drake style, they found all kinds of video games, collectibles and VHS tapes. So far they have already launched three videos about the experience.

His second video (which you can see just above), it is not for sensitive people. Home does not have an inch of walkable space as everything is packed debris and rotten cardboard boxes and infested with cockroaches. The two YouTubers quickly realized that to get To that home without gloves and with shorts had been a bad idea.

“Once we got there and saw the quality of what there was, I was not going to go home to change, “he said Korbin.

There were other games scattered around the house among the cockroaches and the decaying remains of the roof., but the couple was only interested in their findings that still had the seal on, so they probably threw hundreds of games already open. Did some exceptions with titles As the Tomb of PS1 or the terrible port from PlayStation 3 from Bayonetta. In any case, Aimee notes that she can deal with “a little mouse poop” if that means acquire good games.

Of course, it is sure that the couple made up for the inconvenience after unearthing hundreds of PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and Nintendo GameCube games, in addition to stacks of video game magazines.

YouTubers confirmed to our fellow Kotaku that the total value of the newly discovered game collection was about $ 100,000, of which Cheap Finds Gold Mines took home about 20,000 after splitting the finds with eight other resellers.

At the end of the second video, a woman named Stephanie gave some context about the house and helped explain the why of that content. Home It belonged to his uncle and had been the family home since 1965. When his uncle got sick in 2019, she helped with the move.

“We have been cleaning my uncle’s house during thiss last days, “he explained Stephanie. “We are just trying to get its treasures”.

Korbin told Kotaku that the house was going to be demolished and everything inside was going to end up in the trash. In the third I sawdeo, Aimee points out that the former owner was traumatized after losing a loved one and ended up saving everything that had value to him, which turned out to be this huge amount of video game.


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