They find in a flat in Vienna the corpses of a mother and her twins who died due to lack of food


A 45-year-old woman, with a history of psychic problems, and her two 18-year-old twin daughters have been located in a house in Vienna where they are believed to have died of starvation at the end of last March. police and the local media.

The result of the autopsy has not revealed traces of poison or signs of violence in the corpses or signs that someone had forced access to housing.

"According to the current information, a death by hunger can be taken for granted," a police spokesman said today.

Although the bodies were located on May 21 in Florisdorf, a district in the outskirts of Vienna, forensics estimate that the death occurred in late March or early April.

No letter of farewell or food was found in the house, informs the public broadcaster ORF.

The police have indicated that the three women had little contact with the outside world and that they were leaving the apartment, located in a complex of social housing, always together.

The child protection service in Vienna has indicated that the two deceased girls had some kind of developmental delay, although there is no evidence that it was serious.

In autumn 2016, at the end of the compulsory schooling period, the two girls left the school they attended.

According to ORF, in December of that year the youth services carried out some type of intervention that ended in March 2017, on the understanding that no further measures were necessary.

This means that the mother was diagnosed with some type of psychic problem and that she had sought help in the past in women's shelters.

The police have not provided more details out of respect for the privacy of the victims and their families.


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