They find in the Andes the mummified corpse of a Valencian disappeared 29 years ago


A hiker

 He has found by chance in the Andes a mummified body that could be the corpse of Mateo Parrilla, a Valencian who disappeared in 1990 on his ascent to Cerro Rincón, in the Argentine province of Mendoza (west), according to Efe official sources reported Friday .

From the Ministry of Security of Mendoza explained that everything indicates that it is this Spanish, since the finding of last Sunday also found its documentation.

In addition, according to the Mountain Rescue and Aid Patrol Unit, the
The disappearance of Spanish is the only one that has been registered in the area in the last thirty years, although the forensic report can be expected to confirm his identity.

Mateo Parrilla disappeared on January 18, 1990, when he climbed Cerro Rincón, 5,365 meters, located in the town of Potrerillos, Mendoza, and the search teams that explored the area at that time could not find it.

The body was sighted on May 12 by a hiker, who notified the local authorities.

Probably fall
When the corpse was extracted from a lower glacier, it was "totally mummified" and with a backpack on its back, which makes the rescue unit think that the injured person was walking along the edge of the path and fell.

Once they managed to get it off the mountain, they turned it over to the scientific police, who is now working on their identification.

The Rincón hill belongs to the Cordón del Plata provincial park, a protected area frequented for "trekking" in the Argentine part of the Andes mountain range, the highest in South America.

Argentine authorities contacted the Consulate of Spain to inform them of the possible location of the body of Mateo Parrilla.

Consulted by Efe, sources of the Spanish organism declined to give more information due to the law of Protection of Data. (tagsToTranslate) find (t) andes (t) body (t) mummified (t) Valencian


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