They have no job, they steal and rape. Ivana Trumpová criticized migrants

“He has achieved so much, especially in the area of ​​immigration,” Trump praised her ex-husband. In the interview, she reminded that she herself is also an immigrant, because she was born and raised in the former Czechoslovakia. “I am an immigrant. But those who come to the United States must come to the country legally, find work, and pay taxes like other Americans, “she said.

The president’s ex-wife criticized immigrants not only for “not dressing like Americans,” but also: “When they don’t have a job, they steal and rape women.”

After the interview was broadcast, a wave of criticism fell on Trump’s head. Many viewers called Trump’s statements “ignorant” and “racist.” Some viewers claimed that after the break the conversation should have stopped and the rest not broadcast. “Ivana is basically Donald. Terrible, disgusting woman. That was a bad move for ITV. Never again, “one of the viewers responded on social networks.

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