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They hit the ‘Mayo’ Zambada in Sinaloa

Of the 8 plantations located and eradicated, 7 correspond to marijuana and one to poppy, adding more than 366 thousand plants.


The joint work of different areas of the Mexican Navy (Semar) has achieved so far this year to ensure and eradicate 99 thousand kilos of marijuana in the state of Sinaloa, Pacific Cartel area by Ismael Zambada, the “May “Zambada.

According to the reports of the Mexican Navy, personnel assigned to the Fourth Naval Zone, based in Mazatlan, Sinaloa in conjunction with the Naval Intelligence Area and elements of the Special Operations Unit (UNOPES) and Infantry, located 8 fields of marijuana in various areas of Culiacán.

With the information collected, Naval Command deployed Marine Corps personnel in land and air units, achieving from January 19 to February 22 of this year, the location and eradication of a total of eight fields in an area of ​​approximately 28 thousand 700 square meter.

Of the eight plantations located and eradicated, seven correspond to marijuana and one to poppy, adding approximately more than 366 thousand plants and a weight of more than 99 thousand kilograms.

Operations have been carried out since January 19 and will continue with the objective of weakening the production and distribution of drugs in the state of Sinaloa, where the Pacific Cartel cells operate.

These operations are carried out by the naval personnel in compliance with procedures established in the Manual of the Use of the Force of Common Application to the Three Armed Forces and in strict respect for Human Rights.

These seizures significantly affect the financial and operational structure of the cells headed by the “Mayo” Zambada that operates in this region of the country, which distributes large quantities of drugs to various parts of the world.

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