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They inspected phone and tablet chargers. The hair is bristling! | chargers, inspections, UOKiK

Whether Polish chargers and power supplies imported into the European market meet the requirements of the European market in terms of design and form, they were checked by customs officers with the support of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and the Trade Inspection. The marking and documentation of 61 models of chargers and power supplies have been put under the microscope, informs the head of UOKiK Tomasz Chróstny.

– Formal doubts were detected in almost every product. The inspectors issued a total of 60 negative opinions concerning a total of 70,554 pieces of equipment. Only one model of the charger was 100 percent. compliant with both technical and formal requirements, i.e. it was correctly marked.

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Some of the products went to the laboratory. Exactly 13 models (10.6 thousand units). Based on the research, it turned out that 5 samples (3,000 pieces) – or 38.5 percent. – does not meet certain design requirements and poses a real threat to users – adds Chróstny. – The safety of electrical equipment was checked in the laboratory, i.e. insulation strength, heating up, contact voltage and whether live parts are easily accessible.

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As the head of UOKiK emphasizes, chargers and power supplies are among the goods that most often appear in consumer complaints about electrical equipment. – They are common and therefore the risks associated with their use reach large economies of scale. – The purpose of the inspection was to prevent chargers and power supplies that pose a threat to consumers in Poland, he stressed. ([email protected]) photo:

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