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They investigate a Metrosalud official in Medellín for getting a vaccine – Medellín – Colombia

In Medellín, it is being investigated whether an official of the Metrosalud network would have incurred an action for skipping the vaccination list against covid-19.

The man, who works for the network of public health centers in the municipality, was recorded applying a biological and indicating that it was from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

Apparently, the official, identified as Braulio Hurtado Romaña, does not meet the age or characteristics to be vaccinated, because he is not older than 60 years of age and works as an administrative assistant, that is, he does not belong to the front-line personnel who are currently being vaccinated.

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Through a statement, the entity indicated that the directives are investigating what happened and carrying out “a detailed review of the case.”

“All health personnel in charge of vaccination have the knowledge, training and experience to apply the doses, however the necessary measures will be taken after the vaccination. research and analysis carried out are required and thus prevent any event from altering the immunization process which is currently being carried out at the institution, “Metrosalud said in the statement.

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The mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero Calle, also referred to the case and recalled that those who alter the line to get vaccinated can incur penalties of between 1 and 3 years in prison.

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“We recognize this as very serious. This person could pay up to 3 years in jail, as well as anyone who steals or manipulates vaccines and takes them from people who need them. Remember that at this stage people over 80 are vaccinated and those over 60 are vaccinated in the second., because they are the ones with the greatest risk of going to intensive care beds, “the president explained.

Quintero pointed out that the investigation will determine if the official was “chatting” or if the one that was actually applied was a vaccine against covid-19.


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