They launched Correo Compras: there are already more than a thousand products and free shipping the first month

At the head of the presentation of ‘Correo Compras’ at the Kirchner Cultural Center, the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero affirmed this Friday that “the solution of Argentine problems is based on production and employment”.

Together with the Minister of Productive Development, Matias Kulfas, and the president of Argentine Mail, Vanesa Piesciorovski, Cafiero formally presented the portal, what offers a comprehensive solution to “buy products in an easy, fast and secure way, at lower costs than those on the market and with delivery service throughout the country”, as reported.

For the president of Correo Argentino, “with this new platform we seek to bring the entire country closer together in a single click. We are going to build the mail of the future, to keep up with technological changes and respond more and better to the needs of each and every Argentine”.

“The platform will have all the benefits that the national government incorporates for the promotion of internal consumption: we will begin with the Now 18, Now 12 and Now 6 program,” said Piesciorovski.

Kulfas, for his part, stressed that “We are convinced that SMEs, cooperatives, producers, are the great productive heart of Argentina and that they form a network together with the country’s large companies”.

The head of the Productive Development portfolio emphasized in this regard that one of the benefits of the initiative is its federal nature, “because it ensures that Every Argentine, no matter where they are born, has access to the same quality, quantity and diversity of goods and services they need and at the right prices“.

At the closing of the act, Cafiero said that the National Government seeks to “generate greater connectivity and greater federalization in public policy and throughout the national territory,” and added: “There is no more place here for these dichotomies of companies or state They are fights that are part of the past. There is no state without entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs and without a state”.

The Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers also stressed that The Government “works for everyone because the solution to Argentine problems is based on production and employment”.


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