They live with their three children in a caravan in Ibiza because they can not pay a rent


A large family of Ibiza with work is forced to live in a caravan. Social Services told him to pick up the children to take them to a foster home

The caravan in which an Ibiza family lives with three children.

Many citizens ofIbizaThey had shared this story expressing their concern and sadness. The UnionGeneral Confederation of Laborhad spread through the social networks a dramatic message that, once again, reveals thehousing emergencywho suffers the island. The protagonists:A Spanish family with three children and work, but can not afford a rental.

According to CGT, the family contacted the union to ask for help when they sawforced to live in a caravanand not being able to face any of the high rents that are requested in summer. According to the couple, theSocial Services of Santa Eulria-municipality in which they reside- had addressed the family assuring thatthey were going to take away their little onesto take them to a foster home and to live in decent conditions. The deadline ended on June 24, according to the union.

Using social networks, which are wonderful when used correctly, contacted us from the Consell and it seems that the solution could be close. We believe that the welfare of minors should prevail, that they should never be separated from the family, explained from CGT.

The union said that also in theOffice of the Minorthey had gone to work to solve this case. In addition, they assured that children present agood health, hygiene and are well-fedand it is the housing problem that has motivated all this. In fact, the couple explained to those responsible for CGT that they could not afford a rent that exceeded 700 euros per month, which had caused the family to end up living in acaravan.

For this reason, the trade union leaders demanded that theEmergency housing decreeon the part of the Balearic institutions and it is possible to finish with the problem of housing in Ibiza.

We do not understand the concept that some politicians have about the housing emergency, reiterated from CGT, lamenting the lack of concrete measures to alleviate this problem that is aggravated with the arrival of the tourist season.

From the City of Santa Eulria did not want to give details about the case to respect the protection of privacy of users. It was pointed out that a hypothetical separation of parents and children would be an exceptional measure, considered only in case it was essential to guarantee the safety and welfare of the children. Some sources consulted suggested thatThe lifestyle of the couple may not be the most suitable for minors.

From the Consell, after studying the case, they recognized that it is a very delicate subject, although they clarified that theLaw on the Protection of Minors, in one of your articles, explicitly state that the cause or risk of poverty can never be considered a risk factor for the child. Thus, fortuitous situations such as the temporary loss of a home or the need to reside in a caravan can not cause minors to be separated from their parents, in case there are no other circumstances that could interfere in the welfare of the children.

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