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They marched in Catriel for the alleged femicide of Agustina

Catriel had not registered a demonstration as busy as the one that took place on Wednesday, in what was a sense claim of Justice for the alleged femicide of Agustina Atencio. The young woman was found yesterday on the banks of the Colorado River, near that city.

The prosecution filed charges for femicide, and they were waiting for further studies to determine precisely what happened to Catriel’s teenager.

The last mass marches were in the case of Carlos Dias, the man who was shot. Today’s demonstration brought together some 300 people who toured the city.

During the demonstration, women who make up the Multisectorial spoke, who asked for the declaration on gender violence, and went to the media to ask for “greater responsibility.”

They also claimed for greater support to families more responsibility to the media, support for families, training for those involved in cases of gender violence.

After the arrest, the prosecution explained that it has evidence that the accused and the victim were together on Saturday afternoon, that they saw them on a motorcycle and that there are also film records that could prove the theory of the case.

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