They register the first case of Covid-dengue in Guanajuato

LEÓN.- The first case of covid-dengue in the state of Guanajuato was reported in the city of León and the victim is a worker in the health sector, as confirmed by the Secretary of Health, Daniel Díaz Martínez.

“This person who is even a health worker and who coexists with dengue and covid at the same time is in the Mexican Institute of Social Security,” he said.

He pointed out that the tests to detect covid-19 and dengue are already being applied at the same time to rule out more infections because some people with all the symptoms such as headache, body pain and fever test negative for the of the coronavirus and they have to verify if they have not been infected with the dengue mosquito.

“An important, rare and interesting phenomenon is happening because coronavirus coexists with dengue and we realize this because the test for coronavirus is run and the test for dengue is run,” said Díaz Martínez.


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