They reveal the curious code names of the British Royal Family


Queen Elizabeth II, as she has transcended on other occasions, "hides" other names of doors inside. Gan-Gan, as her grandchildren call her, Elizabeth or Lilibeth are some of the nicknames with whom close people turn to her. Now, however, the name by which the security team refers to the monarch in official acts to preserve his identity has come to light.

The British newspaper "The Sun" reveals that "Sharon" or simply "S" is the name in question and has never transcended before. But there are also others for the rest of the Windsor: that of Prince Harry is David Stevens while Meghan responds to that of Davina Scott, initials that, in turn, correspond to those of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The same would happen with the Dukes of Cambridge. Thus, Prince William is known as Danny Collins and his wife, Catherine of Cambridge, as Daphne Clark. And, according to the source that has revealed the bikes, if a security member lost his phone, for example, it would be impossible to find in his agenda the names of the members of the Royal House. "It is too risky that this falls into the wrong hands," he says, while arguing that they tend to change them quite regularly.

The truth is that the British Royal Family is characterized by taking great care of matters that transcend its private life. Proof of this is the judicial battle that the Dukes of Sussex have recently initiated against the tabloid press. However, there are exceptional cases, such as the book published recently by one of the monarch's stylists – with her prior consent – in which she teaches unpublished photographs of the 25 years in which she worked with her. .


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