They saw Bossi asking about her father … and the last one did not see my eyes and I needed to do an operation

Mohamed Shaaban, the father of the singer Bossi, opened fire on her, due to her lack of contact and her question to him and that she did not take care of him even though he was 77 years old and spoke in a video that was circulated on the pages of social networking sites.

The father of the singer Bossi says that his daughter did not ask about him and did not send him money:

Where Mohamed Shaaban, the father of the singer, Bossi, said, “My daughter has not asked me for a while and I do not know anything about her. I have 77 years and I cannot move and I am tired and I have the prostate and I do not see it with my eyes and I need to do an operation in it.”

He added through his words and said, “She had been following me with money for a while without seeing me, and the money was not enough for me. After that, she did not send anything to me and sent to the artist Hani Shaker, the head of the musicians’ union, to please her heart, but he did not do anything.”

I really need my daughter at this age. I am the salvation of steps to death. On the other hand, the real name of the singer Bossi is Yasmine Mohamed Shaaban, who was born in the city of Zagazig in the province of Sharkia.

She also began her singing journey in 2012 after she presented the song “Ah Ya Donia” in the German movie and she has a single son, while she entered into a quarrel with her ex-husband after announcing that she had suffered from marital infidelity and filed a divorce case against him and he filed a case against her with checks without balance.

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