They will transfer part of the archaeological remains found in the works of the Málaga metro


Part of the archaeological remains found in the construction of the Málaga metro will be removed and moved to another location for conservation, declared on Tuesday the territorial delegate of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía, Carmen Casero. Archaeologists prepare a report that will be issued in the coming days and that will serve to dictate what performances they must be carried out.

The remains have appeared in the area of ​​the avenue of Andalusia and the crossing of Armengual de la Mota and correspond to the Muslim Malaga of the 11th and 12th century. It is, basically, an urban plot, being, among others, the remains of a house and a well, among others, and "with an important value".

Casero detailed that the idea is "to conserve that section, or that is what archaeologists want to work, that reflects the whole of the urban plot and serves so that citizens can see how was the city at that time and we will put it in value ". In turn, he added that "this work is aimed at document and catalog everything that is appearing there, "that can be" some parts with more value, others with less and others with none ".

The transfer of the remains will not cause delays in the works of the metro

Casero pointed out that "what is there keep out of that environment "and clarified that" what is tape It is also preserved "because" nothing is destroyed, a concrete slab is placed and the work is continued ". He also said that there will be no delays substantial in relation to the deadlines set for the work of the metro and that "sensible solutions that respect the legislation" will be planned.

In relation to some criticisms of PSOE, Casero indicated that, in the findings of other sections of the metro, that political formation "has never decided to value or dismantle" the remains, "only what was classified as BIC", in reference to the Cultural Interest.

The Minister of Culture and Historical Heritage, Patricia del Pozo, explained on Wednesday that it is expected that the report that the team of archaeologists is preparing is "in a few days, in a week or so, maybe before." Similarly, has stressed that this will not affect the works of suburban.

Views of the archaeological remains of Muslim Málaga in the 11th and 12th centuries, found in the construction of the metro

Views of the archaeological remains of Muslim Málaga in the 11th and 12th centuries, found in the construction of the metro
(Carlos Díaz / EFE)

Several places are shuffled for the transfer, as the "exhibition area of ​​the Guadalmedina or the Museum of Malaga"

About him place where those remains could be transferred has said that there is still no decision taken and that it is being considered, among other possibilities, "that they be exposed in the Exposition area of ​​the Guadalmedina or in the Museum of Malaga" However, he added that "we have not decided," advocating "be cautious and wait for the report."

On the other hand, it has launched a message of "total tranquility", stressing that it is working in an "absolutely coordinated" way with Development. "The subway works continue forward, "he stressed, stressing that" this goes fast, as I say the report will be in a few days and from it the transfer of the pieces It will take about three weeks"

According to the Andalusian Culture Manager, "we are working with a certain agility, with fast times and always preserving, because we have to compatibilize the works, so important, with the heritage preservation" "Everything is perfectly organized, there is no problem for the pieces or for the subway works."

The transfer of the pieces "will take about three weeks"


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