Thiénaba- A man guilty of adultery receives 100 lashes

XALIMANEWS- Founded in 1882 on the basis of Islamic law, the religious city of Thiénaba has just unearthed the Sharia or Islamic law. Accused of adultery, a young man in his thirties received one hundred (100) lashes as recommended by Islam. The long-awaited scene took place yesterday, Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 7.45 p.m., in the public square of the city of Amary Ndack Seck, near the mosque. *

The flogging as a divine punishment was supervised by Serigne Amadou Seck, Imam Ratib of Thiénaba in the presence of a large crowd composed of residents, notables and great religious dignitaries. A torture to the cries of Allahu Akbar brings us a religious dignitary joined by “The Witness” daily. This exemplary punishment was applied because the young man in question slept with a woman out of wedlock. It is all the more indisputable, we are told, that four eyewitnesses have confirmed and reconfirmed the serious facts of which the respondent is accused.

« Better yet, the author himself admits to having committed adultery before being forced to bow to Sharia and amend himself. As always, Thiénaba carried out his unwavering will to impose Sharia in the religious city. »Recalled our interlocutor as we completed this edition. By pushing his curiosity, “The Witness” also learned that the incriminated girl would have fled before going to take refuge outside the holy village to escape Sharia or Islamic law.

Let us remember Thiénaba was founded in 1882 by Sheikh Amary Ndack Seck (1831-1894). Nowadays, it is the only brotherhood in Senegal that applies Sharia law in all its rigor. An Islamic legacy that the various General Caliphs hold to the venerated founder Sheikh Amary Ndack Seck and which they intend to perpetuate until the end of time as indicated by the hymn “Ibnou Mayib”. Those who believed that the laws of the Republic apply throughout the Republic are therefore asked to go and get dressed …


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