Thierry Godard, actor from Saint-Just-en-Chaussée, has been diagnosed with Covid

The actor appears in a TV movie broadcast this evening at 9:05 pm on France 2. Thierry Godard contracted the Covid-19 on the set of the Germinal series 15 days ago.

Thierry Godard the actor from Saint-Just-en-Chaussée had the Covid. Invited this Friday, November 20 on RTL He revealed to have been contaminated. His father Michel Godard confirms: “Indeed, Thierry contracted it 15 days ago. It is turning right now «Germinal», a 6 × 52 minutes for TV (co-production between Italy and the Salto platform). It’s a big shoot, with a lot of people. Unfortunately, he passed it on to his wife. They were bedridden for 48 hours but now it’s better. It tired them a lot».

The filming which takes place between Lille and Valenciennes will still be stopped for a few more days since the director David Hourrègue would in turn have been affected by the new coronavirus, according to Michel Hourrègue, confirming the words of his son this morning in the radio. In the meantime, fans of Thierry Godard can take advantage of “False pretenses»At 9:05 pm on France 2, which promises to be a very good thriller. The police telefilm enjoys good reviews in the specialized press. He also won the prize for best TV film at the Cognac festival.

Hassan SADI

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