Thirteen video games to live or relive "Game of Thrones"


"Reigns: Game of Thrones", available on smartphones and Switch, is one of the most clever and playful adaptations of "Game of Thrones" in video games, but there are others, which sometimes do not have the official license.
"Reigns: Game of Thrones", available on smartphones and Switch, is one of the most clever and playful adaptations of "Game of Thrones" in video games, but there are others, which sometimes do not have the official license. Reigns

Attention, spoilers: this article reveals elements of the plot of season 8 of Game Of Thrones.

"There was no video game Game Of Thrones to accompany the eighth season? "inquires a colleague, without it being possible to clearly distinguish the professional curiosity from the personal frustration. In truth, there has been one – admittedly a little unnoticed, and contrary to what he says he is far from the first.

And for good reason: bridges are numerous between the saga of HBO and the world of the controller, whether through official adaptations, free inspirations or sometimes troubling resemblances. Overview of the best solutions to immerse yourself in a Westeros of pixels, according to your appetites.

As close to power

  • Handling politics and diplomacy, like Sansa

Not easy to rule, when, as the most calm but also the least assured of the Stark, one is neophyte in the matter. But the young Lady of Winterfell learns quickly: management of the troops, the budget, the alliances … Like her, put yourself in the boots of one or a leader of Westeros, with the very accessible and very playful management game Reigns: Game of Thrones, in which you will be faced every turn with a new dilemma, which never has a good solution – only the least bad.

  • Manage conquests and alliances, like Tywin Lannister

Crusader Kings 2 will put you in the shoes of a lord facing an endless list of problems, from the ambitions of your neighbors on your territories to multiple plots to knock down your head. Governing is not just an art, it's a dangerous sport. There is even an unofficial "mod" featuring the world of George R. R. Martin, Crusader Kings 2 – A Game of Thrones.

  • Plan military battles, like Tyrion Lannister

If you have twisted on the episode of The Long Night, and the absurd and suicidal military strategy of Winterfell's armies against the hordes of the King of the night, perhaps this is the sign that a great military leader is sleeping in you. Know that you are not alone: ​​the community of players Total War, the series of reference strategy games, also multiplies the mods and scenarios to relive the greatest battles of the saga – as here, the battle of bastards, on a mod of Total War : Seven Kingdoms.

  • From nothing to conquer the world, like Ser Jorah

Two complementary modules for Civilization V and civilization VI, respectively A Mod of Ice and Fire and A Civ of ICe and Fire, are available on Steam and will allow you to embody any of the big families and fight for your survival on the Westeros map. It's up to you to guide them to a victory that is more easily imagined military or diplomatic than cultural, but we never know.

And also : the interactive series Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series, which narrates the story of an unknown family confronted with real actors and hard choices – unfortunately not always very well written.

The call of the body-to-body

  • Murder with class and discretion, as Arya Stark

Change your face, slip into the shadows, murder your enemies with a dagger well placed, plots in every sense … The recipe is known, it is that of the series Assassin's Creed for a decade. Episode 5 quotes almost openly the saga of Ubisoft with his plan on Jaime hooded in the crowd. One way maybe to reciprocate Assassin's Creed Odyssey, who made "Needle", the blade of Arya, one of the emblematic weapons of the game. The house Pixels also recommends the game of infiltration Dishonored, in which the "court intrigue" aspect is even more developed.

  • Scrap with power and skill, as Brienne de Torth

The overpowered warrior knighted in the current season is one of the favorite characters of the fans. Some were eager to restore it in the game of stabbing, Soulcalibur VI, who has a fighter editor as much as a universe close to Game Of Thrones.

  • Knight on knight, like The Mountain

Some are interested in politics, some are not. They, their thing, is the fight, the scrum, the smell of blood, the weight of the scrap armor and the sparks of the blades that clash. If you think you are a warrior of the Quince du Limier or La Montagne, For Honor (Ubisoft, 2016) will plunge you, like them, into a battlefield medieval-trucmuche where only the strongest survive.

And also : The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, to live like Jon Snow a life of pariah fighter.

Shivering and endangering

  • Surviving the undead at night, like Ser Davos

An oppressive darkness, a literally inhuman difficulty, bloodthirsty enemies from beyond the grave, chasing you through the curses of medieval castles, a name almost predestined as "the asylum of the undead of the North" … Nothing is more like the desperate fight of 'Arya, Ser Davos and Gregor Clegane against the horde of Undead King of the Night in the cursives of Winterfell that Dark Soulsmonument of the dark fantasy inhumanly difficult. With, in both cases, the same sensation: that of walking on the thread of despair, while learning not to succumb to it.

  • Cross the adventure blindly, like Bran Stark

The episode of The Long Night is one of the strongest, most adventurous cinematographic experiences of the year: a fully filmed battle in low light, mostly candle lighting, and more. The darkness has embarrassed many spectators, except one, placed in front row seats: Bran, a multi-handicapped teenager, blind but endowed with the gift of clairvoyance. To relive this experience combining fantasy and puzzling darkness, we can not advise better than A Blind Legend, an adventure game entirely in black screen, thought for the visually impaired, and therefore playable to the ear, failing third eye.

  • Fly on a dragon, like Daenerys Targaryen

Between two incestuous cooing with her nephew, the mother of the dragons has a main hobby: flying over her reptiles. Video game enthusiasts immediately diagnosed her with a great practice of the most famous dragon game, Panzer Dragoon on Saturn (not easy to find today, it will be reissued at the end of the year on current consoles). With his low-flying flights over a sea full of enemies, he is surely the reason why she so easily triumphed over the Iron Island fleet.

Sadistic heart

  • Saying goodbye to heroes, like George R. Martin

The killing of Ned Stark filled you with joy? The world of tactical role-playing games opens up to you: the series xcom or Fire Emblem, in which the death of a character is definitive, should fully satisfy your masochistic impulses. Otherwise, the classic Final Fantasy VII will help you to pass the end of the season by offering you a death that will leave insensitive only the worst hearts of stone (we begin to judge).

  • Pushing the limits of cruelty, like Ramsey Bolton

Ramsey Bolton, the torturer of Theon, is notoriously known for being the psychopath of the series, a narcissistic, inventive and laughing sadist – the kind of character that, if he were game designer, would have imagined the killings all more cruel and spectacular than the others of Mortal Kombat 11. But would he have planned his?

  • See his city go up in smoke, like Cersei Lannister

Cersei Lannister, the leader with an iron fist, is powerless to witness the destruction of her city, Port-Réal, burned by a giant dragon enraged in the absurd trajectory and gratuitous violence. Anyone who wants to live such a situation will hasten to reconnect SimCity on Super Nintendo, and wait, or even trigger with a bit of masochism, the passage of Bowser the monster-tortoise-Godzilla. With a budget and a lower immersion, certainly, but less likely for you to finish under the rubble.

And also : invest in Nintendogs and do not caress his dog, like Jon Snow with his nice wolf, Ghost. But here it's really too cruel.

Damien Leloup and William Audureau

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