This American was imprisoned for 37 years for murder, but turns out to be innocent

American Robert DuBoise (55) was convicted in 1983 of raping and murdering 19-year-old Barbara Grams. She was killed while walking home from work in Tampa, Florida. That writes The Guardian.

Capital punishment

The conviction of the then 18-year-old DuBoise was based on an informant’s testimony and an analysis of bite wounds that Grams had sustained. DuBoise was initially sentenced to death, but that was later changed to a life sentence.

What seems? The analysis of the bite marks was incorrect and the informant’s testimony was unreliable. DuBoise is innocent. DNA testing indicates that he should never have been a suspect in the case.


“This court has failed you for 37 years,” Judge Andrew Warren said in court yesterday. “We are finally making up for this today.” DuBoise was released last month.

It’s all thanks to the Innocence Project, a foundation dedicated to helping convicts who are innocent. Susan Friedman, one of DuBoise’s attorneys, says the 55-year-old convict spent much of his imprisonment in isolation cells. “The state has taken 37 years from him,” she says.

Learn everything

DuBoise briefly spoke during the session. “There have been many hurdles in my path,” he said. “I am immensely grateful to everyone who fought for my release.”

Since his release, DuBoise has spent in a shelter for people wrongfully imprisoned. He has to relearn all facets of modern life: from using an iPhone to shopping in a supermarket.

‘Truth above the table’

The court will investigate the wrongful conviction. “It won’t be easy,” said Warren. “But victims and family members deserve to know the truth. That way they can close a false story.”

In addition, false accusations are a threat to public safety, according to Warren. “An innocent person has been put behind bars while the actual perpetrator is still free.”

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