This Bitcoin fan makes a big mistake and loses € 40,000 in one click

The fatal click also takes bitcoiners It is not only on the Ethereum (ETH) network that it is possible to be seriously mistaken about transaction fees. This time, it was a Bitcoin (BTC) lover who had the bitter experience.

A satoshis error that costs (very) dear

This November 18, a bitcoiner probably did not pay enough attention to his transaction on the network Bitcoin.

Indeed, at block 657535, a stranger paid more than 2.66 BTC mining costs, for a transaction of less of 0.0109 BTC. In other words, this unfortunate man paid the equivalent of nearly 47 000 dollars fees to transfer less than 195 dollars.

Details of the transaction with the huge error of fees – Source:

Transaction fees that have calmed down on Bitcoin

The error will be all the more bitter to him as the average costs to perform a transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain have instead well diminished since the end of October.

As can be seen from the Bitinfocharts chart below, average fees had peaked at just over 13 dollars last October 30 and 31.

Fortunately, they fell back to a slightly more reasonable average, around 4 dollars, the last days.

Daily evolution of transaction fees on Bitcoin (average) – Source: Bitinfocharts

The expense error records remain however those established (2 days in a row) last June. An individual then sent transactions on Ethereum by paying the implausible sum of $ 2.6 million in ethers… And this on 2 occasions.

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