This children’s game available on iPhone is not what it claims to be: have you ever played it?

The game “Jungle Runner 2k21” looks like any game for kids. A monkey runs in the jungle, catches bananas, until then, nothing abnormal.

If, on the other hand, you used a VPN connection and pretended to be in another country, the game would turn into a gambling app. This is the discovery recently made by application specialist Kosta Eleftheriou, relayed by RTL Nieuws.

The scheme also concerns the game “Magical Forest – Puzzle” from the same developer. than the jungle game, also served as a cover for an online casino, which bypassed Apple’s payment system through the VPN connection.

“People trust Apple and are thus lured into a trap by crooks,” Kosta Eleftheriou said on Twitter. The tech giant itself has yet to react to the incident.


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