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This Christmas photo causes unease among internet users

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The Princess shared some photos of the festivities.

A Christmas without the fuss. It is more relaxed than ever that the Monegasque princely family has decided to spend New Years Eve. Exit stilted outfits and skimpy tuxedos, Albert, Charlene and theirs opted for festivities where ease and good humor were essential. The few photos shared by the Princess on Instagram this Sunday, December 27 attest to this.

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Wrapped in a warm sweater, Jacques and Gabriella’s mother still wore her astonishing “half hawk”, a hairstyle that has caused a lot of talk at the end of the year. The twins, 6, had fun alongside their dad, who had put on red Crocs and a sassy costume for the occasion. Princess Stéphanie, dressed in a Christmas sweater, had also made the trip with her children: Pauline Ducruet, Louis Ducruet, who is now thriving in the second division of the English football championship after a stint at AS Monaco , as well as Camille Gottlieb. Marie Chevallier-Ducruet, the companion of Albert II’s nephew, was also in the game. “Merry Christmas to all our friends and families, I love you all”, wrote the 42-year-old former swimmer to her loyal followers. However, the good-natured atmosphere and the new look of Charlene of Monaco was obviously not to everyone’s liking on Twitter. Some Internet users are even particularly worried following the recent outings of the Princess.

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