This distorts the head of babies to facilitate delivery

The brains and skulls of babies change shape during birth, they have observed, through three-dimensional images obtained by magnetic resonance, a team of researchers from the University of Auvergne (France).

That babies 'heads change shape during childbirth, which is called "fetal head modeling", is something that has been known for a long time, although until now I did not know in detail the molding of babies' heads .

In the new study, published in «PLOS ONE», the experts used 3D images obtained through magnetic resonance imaging to observe the skulls and brains of seven babies before and after delivery. In this way, the experts verified that moments before the birth different parts of the skull overlap in different degrees and that, after birth, these forms return to their initial state.

Therefore, the findings suggest that babies experience greater stress on the skull during delivery than previously thought, which could underlie the asymptomatic brain and retinal bleeding seen in many newborns after vaginal delivery.

"During vaginal delivery, the shape of the fetal brain is deformed to varying degrees depending on the degree of superposition of the bones of the skull. Some skulls accept the deformation (compliance) and allow an easy way out, while others do not deform easily (non-compliance), "the researchers point out. . (tagsToTranslate) birth (t) deform (t) head (t) baby

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