This feature makes Xpander so special

VIVA – Mitsubishi Xpander is one of the cars that is included in the segment low multi purpose vehicle or MPV, and has been marketed in Indonesia since 2017. It has a lot of fans, and it even ranked first in the best-selling car in the country.

Mitsubishi has many advantages over the Xpander, from its dashing design to after-sales service that makes it easier for owners to carry out regular maintenance.

One feature that is another attraction of the car with a capacity of seven people is the suspension and propulsion system, where the Xpander is a vehicle that uses a front wheel drive system.

This system allows the Japanese manufacturer, to install a suspension system torsion beam at the rear so that each wheel can move separately, which results in an increased level of comfort.

Mitsubishi Xpander when participating in the 2018 Trans Java Toll Expedition

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