This female security guard is dressed like a model, there is a sad story behind the page

PETALING JAYA, – A female security guard in Malaysia has attracted the attention of many people, because she likes to dress up like a model.

The woman is known as Nor Aslyasha (22) who has been a security guard at the Petaling Jaya factory, Selangor, since May 2021.

Media Malaysia mStar on Tuesday (5/10/2021) gazetted, last year Nor Aslyasha worked in a gold factory, but went out to return to her hometown in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, to treat her ailing father.

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“I came home because my father was in a coma in the hospital after an accident on the highway while riding a motorcycle,” said Nor Aslyasha.

“But the gold factory where I work did not allow me long leave, so I had to decide to stop working and take care of my sick father,” Nor Aslyasha told mStar, adding that his father was in a coma for a week and is now recovering.

Nor Aslyasha also said that after her father recovered she returned to Kuala Lumpur to live with her husband, but the marriage did not last long.

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The girl familiarly called Alyshaa said she broke up with her husband in May before getting a new job.

“At that time I had household problems and nothing income (income) alone. Finally separated, I left the house with clothes, and slept at a friend’s house.”

“Now the Covid-19 season, I know it’s hard to find work, while a lot of workers are laid off or forced to take unpaid leave.”

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“So when there was a household problem, I was looking for a job to support myself. I was looking for a job so I wouldn’t be stressed and sad.”

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Nor Aslyasha then got a job as a security guard at an oil refinery, and is very grateful for her sustenance.

According to the eldest of eight children, he realized that his appearance often made people distrust his profession as a security guard.

“If someone asks what job I do, I won’t be ashamed to admit that I work as a security guard. Some praise it but some don’t believe it.”

“If you are beautiful, what kind of work is appropriate? You have to be ugly before you become a security guard? Why be ashamed, security is a lawful job,” explained Nor Aslyasha, who claimed to want to be a businessman in the future.

Nor Aslyasha also said that the profession as a security guard does not mean limiting him to appearance, as long as he continues to carry out his duties properly.

“I really like to be stylish and wear make-up Since young. Even the hot work I wear make-up. If I have time I will do her hair.”

“The difference is that sometimes the skin from white becomes striped on the hands, sometimes the face gets acne due to exposure to the sun. I don’t care.”

“My nature is spoiled and talks a lot but there are times when I will be firm. It doesn’t matter what people say about my work. If I am difficult, those who mock do not help, but I myself,” concluded Nor Aslyasha.

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