This improves well-being by purifying the air in our environment

According to an estimate by the World Health Organization, we spend on average 90% of our time indoors, whether they are offices, places of leisure or our own home. In addition to this data, in recent months the number of people who resort to teleworking has increased considerably, reaching 34% of all workers in Spain according to the Valencian Institute for Economic Research (IvieLab). We spend, therefore, more time in our home than ever, with the advantages and disadvantages that this entails. To the already known problems of space or of compartmentalizing professional and personal life, there is another, no less important, to which we do not pay the attention it deserves: the purity of the air we breathe.

Indoor Air Quality is the technical term used to designate the state of the air in and around buildings, which has a direct impact on our quality of life. Contrary to what one might think, the air in a closed space such as a home is not always purer than that outside in a big city. Building materials, wall paint, carpets and rugs, or dust build-up have an unwanted effect on the closed environment of a home, which can lead to health and wellness problems. In the same way, the air that enters through windows and doors can also, in the case of living in an area with high pollution, contain harmful elements.

To achieve higher Indoor Air Quality, a key element is air purifiers. These devices, which are fundamentally composed of a fan and a series of filters capable of trapping and neutralizing the main pollutants found in the environment, measure their efficiency by the CADR ratio, acronym for Clean Air Delivery Rate, or air purification rate. According to this unit of measurement, we can know the amount of clean air in cubic meters per hour that an air purifier is capable of filtering. The higher the CADR, the greater its effectiveness. An air purifier like those from Mitsubishi Electric allow a CADR of up to 621 cubic meters per hour, which is equivalent to purifying a 100 square meter room in that period of time, or a 13 square meter room in just six minutes. These are some of its benefits.

Eliminate germs and bacteria

Any closed space is more prone to the accumulation of germs and bacteria, especially if it is not well ventilated. The transmission of diseases, especially in places where a greater number of people live together, is therefore more likely. Filtering these particles in the environment is a fundamental tool to ensure greater well-being. The Mitsubishi Electric air purifiers use high efficiency filters such as HEPA, short for High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (high efficiency particle arrest), which allows 99% of suspended particles to be neutralized. Its durability, estimated at eight years, also allows the maintenance cost to be minimal.

Reduce allergy symptoms

In closed places, not only germs and bacteria can accumulate, but also other types of particles that can cause respiratory problems, something increasingly common since, according to the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC), there are 8 million are allergic to pollen and there are more than two and a half million people in our country with asthma problems.

The accumulation of dust in the air, in furniture and textiles in these cases becomes the enemy to beat. Capable of capturing particles down to 0.3 microns, air purifiers with a double layer HEPA filter are very effective in removing mites, mold, dust, pollen or pet hair from the environment. In the same way, renewing the air helps prevent these particles from accumulating on the surfaces of the home. In addition, a pre-filter captures the largest particles, another made of activated carbon eliminates odors, and a fourth nanoplatinum filter cleans the air of harmful compounds.

Improve rest

Bedrooms are usually the rooms in the house in which we spend a greater number of hours, even if we do so while sleeping. Also, places that are very prone to accumulate germs, bacteria and particles that make breathing difficult. Blankets, duvets and cushions are objects that easily capture these types of elements in the environment, which translates into poorer breathing at night and worse rest.

The intelligent sensors of Mitsubishi Electric air purifiers allow to identify the areas with the most loaded environment or even adapt their performance to the number of people in the same room. The presence detector with artificial intelligence I-SEE Sensor is able to distinguish between people and pets to determine the areas to which it is most necessary to direct the purified air and, in automatic mode, consuming the minimum amount of energy. Thanks to the Smart Search function, the air purifier detects the dirtiest areas to direct the air volume in that direction and filter the environment more efficiently. Consuming only the minimum energy necessary when working in automatic mode.

This improves well-being by purifying the air in our environment

For places like bedrooms, there are also specific programs that adapt their performance to the moments in which we are sleeping, and the activated carbon filters also help eliminate odors. Clearer air in the bedroom also helps to improve blood circulation and get a deeper rest. Thanks to its clean and discreet design, as well as its small size and a handle on the upper part that allows its transport easily, Mitsubishi Electric air purifiers can be placed in different corners of our environment, and according to the need of every moment. Through this online tool, it is possible to discover which of your units best suits each space and need.


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