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This is a Daihatsu Car that Receives a 0 Percent Tax Incentive

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The 0 percent Sales Tax Incentive on Luxury Goods (PPnBM) can be enjoyed starting March 1, 2021. For those who want to buy Daihatsu branded cars, there are five models that receive this incentive.

Based on the Decree of the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia Number 169 of 2021, the five Daihatsu models include Xenia, Granmax Minibus, Luxio, Terios and Rocky.

These five cars can be said to meet the requirements for PPnBM incentive recipients because they contain 70 percent local components. This incentive can only be enjoyed by cars with a cubic engine of 1,500 cc and below, including the categories of sedans and vehicles with 4×2 drives.

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Daihatsu Xenia at GIIAS 2019

As for other products, such as Sirion, Daihatsu still imports them as a whole from Malaysia. Then for LCGCs like Calya and Sigra, commercial vehicles like GranMax pickup have enjoyed 0 percent PPnBM.

In addition, what is interesting about the list of Daihatsu cars that receive incentives is the tone of the car that has not yet been launched, namely the Daihatsu Rocky. This means that the Toyota Raize twin SUV will launch in the near future by taking advantage of the tax relaxation momentum provided by the government.

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When trying to contact Daihatsu, until now no response has been given. However, previously the Marketing Director of PT ADM Amelia Tjandra, only gave standard comments, namely waiting on time.


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