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“This is a preventive measure”

Concretely, at Colruyt, it is asked to carry a maximum of two bottles of oil and two packets of flour per customer or receipt. This only concerns Colruyt stores, not the other brands of the group (Spar, OKay or Bio-Planet). According to the company, the offer is sufficient. “But consumption has not been normal in recent days”, justifies a spokesperson. “This is a preventive measure. To allow shelves to be restocked and give all customers the opportunity to make a purchase. »


No shortage

Lidl is also rationing. For oil and canned vegetables the rule is two pieces per customer, for toilet paper three packets. “We are making a constructive appeal for solidarity and to ensure that there is enough for everyone and therefore only buy what is necessary. There is no shortage, but we want to temper sales. We notice that news of the war is increasing demand and we want to avoid a situation like the one two years ago,” says Lidl.

The other supermarket chains have not introduced restrictions at this stage. “We don’t want to limit because that would send the wrong message to the customer. We want to avoid behaviors like we experienced at the start of the health crisis,” says Karima Ghozzi of Delhaize. The brand also notes an increase in demand for flour and oil.

Carrefour reassures: “There is no supply problem. We have sufficient stock. We encourage our customers to shop normally.” Same thing at Aldi: “For now, we will not limit sales. We are seeing an increase in demand for sunflower oil, flour and pasta.”

Ukraine and Russia are among the world’s largest producers of wheat and sunflower oil. Due to the war, there are fears of supply problems, which lead to a sharp increase in prices.

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