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This is how Princess Beatriz gets fit for her wedding

The deputy from Mexico City for the Green Ecologist party, Teresa Ramos Arreola, is one of the women who seek to exert pressure on the authorities to combat the numbers that flood the country because of the feminicide, a topic that as a woman interests him and moves him in particular.

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The current president of the Commission for the Preservation of the Environment, Ecological Protection and Climate Change, has not only proved to be an official that addresses the crude issue of feminicide In Mexico, in front of the media, a bill has also been brought to the podium that aims to increase the prison sentence from 35 and 70 years to 140 (life imprisonment) because the number of dead women in Mexico City it is still increasing.

“I intend that whoever commits femicide receives a life sentence for the commission of this crime, since at present, the Criminal Code of Mexico City establishes a penalty of 35 to 70 years in prison. And it is almost impossible for someone to live 140 years, we are practically looking for life imprisonment for those who commit this crime. ”

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Faced with the recent case of the Fatima girl who shook the entire country, mainly the deputy for being the district she represents, Tláhuac, said she is exerting pressure for the case to be clarified and for no woman to be violent again.

In addition to some cases such as Ingrid Escamilla, from whom photos and videos of his death were leaked to the press, he said that one of the ways in which this and other repercussions can be avoided is to properly train the members of the judicial body to To carry out their functions.

“We need to train members of the judicial system.”

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Also, in class interview, Tere bouquets He spoke about the lack of awareness in the population regarding the latent issue of women’s deaths in the country, and explained that it is necessary to combat the lack of information on the subject and that it would be optimal for the new generations to take up matters that evoke the promotion of the values.

“You have to fight misinformation … there are women who allow rapes by their husband, because they believe this is normal.”

“I think that citizenship and ethics classes should return to schools. They taught me that at school and I remember talking about these issues. ”

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And given the proposal that has recently emerged in different areas of the web, which calls on all women in this country to stop working next March 9, within the framework of International Women’s DayHe confessed that it seems wonderful that there are such pacifist movements that intend to echo in all corners of the country and said she will also join.

“It seems very good to me that there are such initiatives that unite women… so they can see what would happen if one day we women are not there. I join the women’s strike on March 9 ”.

Well, she has also experienced in her own flesh what is workplace harassment, which is part of the abuses against women.

“Once at a job, I had a boss who wanted me to be his girlfriend, but I didn’t want to, and I quit so as not to fall into workplace bullying.”

So he urged all women to raise their voices and come before the authorities to denounce, since he firmly believes that none should tolerate such a situation.

“That they denounce, that they do not remain silent that they go to the authorities, that they do not allow that this prevents them to continue exercising… all the women are very intelligent… and surely they will be able to find better works”.

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On the other hand, he called on all women to stay together and put aside the ‘rivalry’ or ‘competencies (insane)’ among themselves, because he is confident that the success of other congeners must be a reason for Happiness and joy and not enmity and quarrels.

“Women must be united and rejoice in the success of others.”

Finally, although it is still refining details about what it intends the activities to be carried out next Women’s Day, invited everyone to join the women’s strike next March 9.

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