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This is how the candidates for ‘Super Tuesday’

by drbyos

On Tuesday, March 3, the ‘Super Tuesday’ is celebrated in the United States, a key date in the US presidential primaries. Up to 15 different jurisdictions will put into play a third of the delegates necessary for the nomination of the candidates. While on the Republican side Trump seems to be unrivaled, the Democrats address a day in which, with Sanders and Biden in the lead, everything remains to be determined.

What are the primary elections?

In the United States, before the presidential election there is a preliminary step in which the candidates will be chosen. Each party, Republican and Democratic, performs a process of primaries or caucuses that are held throughout the first half of the year in the different states of the country. It is a nomination system that promotes competitiveness among applicants. From these primaries there is a candidate for each of the parties that becomes the candidate for the presidency of the elections to be held in November. The first of these days was held in Iowa on February 3 and serves as a reference for the rest of the process.

What is a delegate and what is its function?

In the process of primaries or caucuses that are carried out in each state, the delegates are appointed, who are the ones who then go to the National Convention of their party to cast their votes, generally bound by the previous results.

How do the primaries develop?

The nomination of the presidential candidate is made in each state of the country and can be done through two systems previously chosen by the National Committees of each party: caucuses or primary elections.

What is super Tuesday?

On a key date in the US electoral process, as it is the day when more states hold primary elections. In the 2020 elections, super Tuesday is held today in 15 different jurisdictions. In the case of the Democratic Party, 1,357 delegates will be put into play. In the case of the Republican party, in which the current president Donald Trump finds no rival, 782 will be elected.

What is the party convention?

Once the primaries are held, the parties celebrate their national convention, an assembly that is held every four years and in which the delegates vote and announce who is the presidential candidate.


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