This is how the Crab Mode of the electric Hummer EV works, the system that will allow you to drive diagonally – News – Hybrids and Electric

Little by little, and despite the postponement of the presentation of the Hummer electric from May to October, General Motors is unveiling relevant facts, figures and images that will make the unveiling of its future electric off-roader an expected date. Now they have revealed a video to show how their driving mode works. ‘Crab Mode‘.

General Motors already showed weeks ago, video through, the silhouette that the future American electric model would wear, respecting its traditional hammer shapes to continue offering that iconic image that all Hummers have worn to date. Later they would unveil the huge battery pack that would equip the Hummer EV, which sported an unusual thickness.

The battery pack in question should be worth the electric Hummer to offer a range of about 800 actual kilometers in its variant with more capacity, which is up to 200 kWh, a figure that although capitalized, given the enormous approach that the Hummer has always had, it seems normal. Its power will also be enormous, at least in the most performance variant, since it will reach the barrier of the 1.000 CV.

Now the leading role would be an optional equipment item that previously General Motors had barely ventured to name, and without revealing any more information besides the name, we jump to guess that it was a off-road specific driving mode, and we were not very misguided.

In the video that General Motors has revealed, you can see the operation of Crab Mode, a driving mode that we will have to pay separately, and that enables the electric Hummer to turn, in addition to the wheels of the front axle, those of the rear, turning it into a Electric car with not only four-wheel drive, but four-wheel steer. Nothing would be special about this system since other cars like the Merdedes S-Class already equip it and it is capable of turning the rear axle wheels up to 10 degrees, but the curious thing about the Hummer is that thanks to the Crab Mode it is able to advance diagonally.

A priori, the angle at which the rear wheels can be turned seems, like its battery pack, huge, so we can expect an equally capital angle. General Motors comments on Crab Mode: “The Crab Mode function is enabled by the GMC HUMMER EV’s four-wheel steering capability, allowing it to move in a diagonal direction, a functionality that is tailor-made for off-road customers. “.

One of the main advantages of electrification according to the use of traditional terms motors is the simplification of all technical aspects. The electric Hummer would have an electric motor on each axle, and this has given General Motors the ability to make this electric Hummer turn all the wheels in a single direction. The electric Hummer is expected to have a total distance of more than five meters, and this would greatly complicate maneuvering in tight spaces, so Crub Mode would greatly facilitate the American electrician his maneuvers.

In order to see the final image of the electric Hummer we will have to wait until the presentation date, planned for the October 20, with the arrival on the market scheduled for autumn 2021, although it remains to be seen if General Motors will finally sell the electric Hummer in the old continent.


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