This is how the first portable sun-powered refrigerator works


Little by little, the human being is discovering that there is a great source of energy that falls from the sky, although he has been determined to dig up and burn fossil fuels for the last 200 years, creating a problem who knows if mitigable. The American company GoSun, which was born from the epiphany of free cooking in solar ovens, knows it well. After launching successful models for cooking, he has now focused on converting the sun into cooling energy. The everlasting summer print of sun lounger, umbrella and ice fridge was in need of technology. Your Solar Chill portable refrigerator feeds on the energy of the sun through a small foldable 30-watt solar panel and is capable of maintaining freezing levels up to 14 hours at an outside ambient temperature of 26 °. The batteries in the refrigerator also work as a powerbank to charge smartphones and other mobile devices. A great ally and a small sun school for the general public.

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