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this is how the Italian SIM cards are emptied

The term YOU it is not widely known by users today. This applies both to those who have chosen operators such as Iliad and other MVNOs, or historical telephone operators such as TIM, WindTre e Vodafone. The above category is subject to the presence of Premium Services, also known as “Value Added Services“.

These are telephone operations which are integrated with the cost of the normal telephone tariff. In fact, they add other components to the existing offer, requesting credit weekly or monthly. Sometimes customers find these services activated accidentally and want to permanently delete them from the account. For some VAS can represent an absolute novelty, for others instead they can represent a real nuisance. Here is how they are activated and how to eliminate them.

VAS: the fast method to eliminate these services that empty your SIM

L’involuntary activation it occurs when the user does not explicitly express interest in the payment options. A simple pop-up, it could take all the money off your SIM. AssoCSP he comes to meet us and offers a service created specifically to find out if our number has possibly been included in the list of activations. It also allows us to disable all permanently active services and will no longer be reactivated.

To cancel all subscriptions, the toll free number to contact is 800 442299, from here you can enter the VAS in the so-called Black List. As an alternative solution, starting from January 2020, it is possible to request the activation of these services via SMS. A guarantee of reimbursement will also be established within the set times, which are maximum within 6 hours from the activation of the requested service.

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