This is how the Parres El Guarda area looks after intense hailstorms


The intense hailstorm that fell this Sunday in the area of ​​Tres Marías, Parres El Guarda and Topilejo in the Tlalpan mayor’s office left postcards that users shared on their social networks.

The roads and landscapes were covered in white due to hail and rain, so the circulation on the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway collapsed and several skidded motorcyclists and other incidents were reported due to range between vehicles.

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Therefore, the Secretariat for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection of Mexico City issued a series of recommendations for hail fall, including:

  • Avoid going outside, and if you are outside the house, shelter from hail.
  • Protect plants and animals that may be exposed to these conditions, as they could be injured.
  • Tune in to the media to find out about the latest weather situation.
  • In case of driving during the storm, keep at least one and a half meters of distance between each vehicle.
  • If the storm worsens, pull over and turn on the lights to avoid accidents.

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Through its Twitter account, the Command, Control, Computing, Communication and Citizen Contact Center of Mexico City alerted the population about the hail fall.

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